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At Strada Networks our vision and company values shape our dynamic culture. We decided to share our company guidelines so that our clients know what to expect from us and can hold us accountable if they believe we don't live up to our high standards.


Bring clarity and simplicity to a complex digital world

Mission Statement

Our mission is to be your reliable one-stop IT hardware provider through competitive pricing and first-class customer service.

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Company Values

To make a real impact on your business we stand by the five following core values that affect everything we do at Strada Networks.


  • At Strada, we are used to dealing with new cultures, industries, and environments. This gives us an edge in the approaching every new situation with confidence and makes us highly Adaptable and will benefit your business.


  • In a time where data is more valuable than ever, we are a Dependable partner who takes your worries about networking infrastructures away, so you can focus on your business objectives.


  • Strada Dares to be Different in a sea of VAR sameness. We focus on building our teams with people from different cultural and industrial backgrounds to stimulate a different way of thinking and approach every business case in a unique way.


  • We don’t easily give up. We are driven by the opportunity to take on new challenges and are Determined to always find the most optimal networking strategies for you.


  • We are not here to offer short term solutions, but we build Innovative networking strategies that consider the rapidly changing digital environment.