Don't limit the capabilities of your infrastructure

It can be hard to find budget-friendly IT training options that work for your organization, especially if your core focus is not IT-related. Different brands use different operating systems and even within brands, different product lines require different expertise. The unfamiliarity with different brands could be a reason to stay with the manufacturer of your current infrastructure even if they don't offer the best products for your organization.  

Leverage the power of human capital through training

We believe that your choices for brands within your infrastructure should not just depend on the comfort and familiarity with that brand. The alignment of your business objectives should be the driving force. Get your IT department comfortable with new systems or brands with the help of our highly trained staff. Within our team, we have skilled professionals who have taught courses, co-written books, and have written exams for industry certificates.  

Training is important no matter the size of your organization

Our training paths are offered as either a standalone product or as part of our Strada Roadmap to Success. Whether you want to learn more about a specific product line, all available features of a certain machine, or to get the most out of your infrastructure, we have a training path available for you no matter the size of your team.


Strada also offers various free educational sessions throughout the year. Some of these sessions will be provided in cooperation with our OEM partners. Other sessions will cover new trends and possibilities in the industry. Please check back on our website for upcoming sessions.

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