Set your infrastructure up for success

As a partner of the major original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) in the industry, Strada Networks provides hardware exclusively through authorized distributors. This guarantees our clients original equipment held to the highest standards by its manufacturers.

You also want to make sure that the infrastructure you have designed works when it is live. We help you with thorough testing so that you can deploy it with peace of mind.


Protect your data through official channel partnerships

We appreciate all the research, development, and money that the OEMs spend on the development of innovative IT solutions to optimize your business. Therefore, we work closely together with our partners to make sure we educate and keep organizations away from the open market (read more about the open market here).

Your organization may have purchased equipment from the open market before with your organization’s bottom line in mind and that is okay. You might have second thoughts about this strategy because of bad experiences. We are here to give you peace of mind and to let you know that together with the OEMs, Strada Networks works hard to protect your business operations.

Testing to set yourself up for success

If you have purchased from the open market before and are afraid you might have counterfeit or upgraded equipment in your infrastructure, Strada Networks is more than happy to test your equipment on authenticity.  We will also take the time to present you with IT strategies tailored to your business needs within your budget that can be purchased through the authorized channel.

The last thing you want is to deploy your infrastructure and run into issues that affect your business operations. We help you test your infrastructure so that you will be the rockstar of your organization the moment the infrastructure goes live.