Having a strong IT strategy in place to grow your business,

is our business

The design of an IT strategy that is in sync with the overall business objectives of your organization is challenging. Advancement of technology has made work easier and more convenient for most people. Expectations of the IT department as the guardians of the IT productivity highways have increased. 


The services we offer at Strada Networks are specifically chosen to make the life of IT departments easier and will benefit the entire organization. With extensive experience within the data storage and networking industry and close relationships with industry-leading manufacturers, we are here to help you bring clarity and simplicity to a complex digital world while being by your side the entire way.


We are here to help our clients regardless of the size and knowledge of their IT team. We provide support ranging from hands on to a strategic partner level.


Changes to your IT network can be costly. We help you align your IT strategy with the overall business objectives of your organization to reach your desired level of cost-efficiency. 


When you implement new equipment in your infrastructure you want to get the most out of it. We will sit down with you, to create a personalized training program that works for you.

Roadmap to Success

The vision of your organization and your industry require a unique IT network that is specifically built for you. We help you implement a Roadmap that is uniquely designed for you.