Electronic Circuit Board


More customers are buying our refurbished hardware because they see it as an environmentally friendly and cost-efficient alternative to new hardware equipment. Our engineers work hard to ensure that our refurbished equipment performs equally to new equipment. Customers worldwide have enjoyed the quality of our refurbished equipment so far. Contact us today to see how you can be our next satisfied customer of refurb equipment.

Reasons to buy refurb from Strada Networks

  •  Significant cost savings

  • Wide range of OEM partnerships

  • First-class customer service

  • Responsive sales team 

  • Quick delivery anywhere in the world

  • Environmentally friendly

  • Vendor-neutral

  • Access to hard to find hardware


We test all our refurbished switches to ensure you get maximum performance equal to new equipment at just a fraction of the cost.


Refurbished high-performance routers of the major brands are offered for up to 90% discount.


You don't want to overspend but also not compromise on your data security. Strada Networks' refurb firewalls have been thoroughly tested to guarantee high-quality performance.


Our refurbished phones cost only a fraction of a new phone but deliver the same quality.


Our refurb servers have been one of our best selling items to date. 


The increase in data can make storage an expensive part of your network. Consider refurb storage to balance the cost of your IT network. 


There is no need to pay premium prices for non-critical network equipment. Refurb is a cost-efficient alternative.

Contact us for a free quote for refurb equipment today!