Project Development

IT Strategies that save you money well beyond the completion of your project

IT Challenges

Real estate and project development have fully embraced the Internet of Things. IoT can only benefit your operations and add new dimensions to your projects when there is enough storage capacity to store all the data and when there is an efficient network in place to support it.


One of the issues on new developments is that maintenance has high expenditures. Incidents that occur can cost a lot of money in additional maintenance. Real-time information on your assets that informs you about the possibility of incidents can help you save substantial money when predictive maintenance is used.


When key systems such as fire safety and leakage monitoring are not connected and work independently from each other it can cause a new set of issues. However, when these systems are connected it streamlines your operations and also save you time and money.

The Strada Networks Roadmap

With an ever-growing trend of “green” projects, you want to make sure that your project operates as green as possible. This will not only save you money, but it will also help save the environment. Through the use of real-time data, the IoT can automatically change things such as lighting, cooling, heating, ventilation and more when necessary, to reduce the waste of energy.


Strada Networks helps you build an efficient network that can run all applications you need to streamline and improve your business operations within IoT. We have helped a variety of organizations run applications on their network in order to achieve their business objectives. We are here to help you prevent incidents from happening by the use of predictive maintenance or help you set up a state of the art “green” project by design your network to intelligently manage your building.

Key Takeaways:
  • Networks ready for energy-saving “green” applications


  • Applications to connect various key systems


  • Real-time data for better decision making


  • Incident preventive network application

Ask us about what we can do to make your developments "green" and cost saving.