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Strada Vancouver office celebrates one year anniversary.

In March 2018, the Strada Vancouver office opened its doors. One year later we are excited with the growth and are looking forward to a successful second year.

After careful consideration of a variety of locations to open the second Strada Networks office it was ultimately decided to select Vancouver. A variety of reasons made Vancouver the ideal location for our first expansion. First and foremost, the tech market in Vancouver is rapidly growing with an abundance of entrepreneurial spirit. The majority of our OEM partners have an office located in Vancouver and as a result we can work closely together with them to provide the best solutions for our clients.

With an office on West Broadway, we are in a central location that provides easy access for clients and employees regardless of their own location in the Greater Vancouver area. With plenty of parking options, easy access to public transportation, and a variety of stores and restaurants, we are located in a prime location.

Vancouver has an ideal location where high tech industries and more traditional industries, such as natural resources, meet. As the mining capital of the world we have the chance to work together with leaders in the industry and help streamline IT processes, so that this rugged industry enjoys all the benefits of modern technology.

During Q4 of 2018 we decided to move our headquarters to Vancouver. An increasingly unfriendly business climate that is conflicting with some of our company values made us decide to make Vancouver our main office.

The Canadian business climate on the other hand has shown to be friendly and inclusive with a larger focus on what is best for the future of our planet instead of the focus on short term results. We strive to take these business process from Canada and implement them at our clients in the US as well.

We look ahead at our second year of operations in Canada with a lot of excitement. The addition of new services such as BI & Analytics and Green Disposal, the newly acquired certificates by our engineers that make us experts on the products of our partners, and the better understanding of the Canadian market set us up for growth and even further improvement in the upcoming year that ultimately will lead to enhanced quality to everything we do for our clients.

Do you have any questions about our Vancouver office, our Canadian operations, or our plan for 2019? Feel free to contact us today and we look forward to answer your questions.

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