We have only touched the surface of the age of digital data storage. The number of desired data copies used for backup and development purposes will keep increasing in the future. Change of infrastructure, from traditional to Cloud or Hybrid environments, has led to additional data management complexity. 

Reducing costs through orchestration

The changing environment means organizations spend more time and resources on the management of data and are looking for solutions to limit the costs this requires. When done right reducing costs does not lead to a less secure disaster recovery plan and the demand from the development and testing activities will continue to exist or even grow.

Take the hassle out of testing

DR testing is often skipped by organizations because it puts a strain on time and resources and comes with potential risks. Automated orchestration software offers thorough testing capabilities without requiring any additional resources. A recurring schedule is set during implementation and the software does the rest. Users have the flexibility to adjust the schedule after implementation to fir the needs of the organization.

Simplify complex systems​

Orchestration Software is the solution to manage complexity and costs but it also offers an opportunity to expand. The software provides automation of the backup / DR processes with easy to control management interfaces. This will reduce complexity and TCO will lower as a result. Strada Networks can assist you with the setup of Orchestration Software to backup your data and DR environment.

Make dealing with compliances easier

Most organizations deal with a list of industry-specific compliance regulations that can be hard to keep track of. These regulations affect the way you have to handle your data. Think of the method of data protection required and the maximum amount of downtime allowed for example. Orchestration not only helps you build a plan for these requirements but also includes extensive documentation features that help you meet regulatory requirements. 

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