On-premises refers to an organization's private data centre housed at an own facility. The size of it can vary from a single room to a dedicated facility. The data centre houses all network, servers, storage, and related components. An organization maintains the on-premises equipment themselves and is therefore responsible for all additions and replacements.

Security in your own hands


One of the advantages of an on-prem infrastructure is having control over your data security. You keep full control over systems and data. This makes it easier to create procedures to ensure that sensitive customer information is treated according to compliance regulations.

Vendor Independence 


Another advantage is vendor independence. A cloud user is dependent on the contracts between a cloud provider and their vendors delivering the hardware. In an on-premises environment, the customer has a direct relationship with the vendor. A combination of different vendors can be used to create an infrastructure that is completely customized to streamline your business processes. As Strada Networks is an official partner of most major brands we can get you best available prices.

Strada Networks takes away the complexity of On-Premises

The end-to-end infrastructure for on-premises can be complex. The people at Strada Networks are here to assist you with a solution that can run high demand workloads. As Strada Networks partners with all major OEM's, we will provide a solution that fits your organization best.

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