Natural Resources

Rugged IT infrastructures that work in the

toughest environments

IT Challenges

From mining to forestry to oil and gas, the natural resources industry includes a variety of sectors that have survived without the use of IT for millennia. With the increase in competition, fluctuation of commodity prices, and pressure from investors a well-developed IT infrastructure is a must to maintain an edge in the industry.


The natural resources industry is complex enough as is, so dealing with your IT infrastructure should not add another layer of complexity to your business. Instead it should be designed to connect every process from pit to port to create an efficient and simplified operation.


Creating a simplified operation while having to deal with harsh or underground conditions, managing employee safety or monitoring equipment and assets can be a challenging task when these processes are all disconnected.

The Strada Networks Roadmap

At Strada we know how to help you streamline your business operations by connecting all these disconnected processes. We understand how to connect processes even in harsh, ever-changing conditions. We are here to help you set up systems to protect employees through employee tracking and the monitoring of hazardous work areas. Strada will also make sure to help you reduce cost by helping you monitor your equipment and assets to identify potential issues before they turn into incidents.


Through the connection of all processes, we make sure that you can share real-time information across all business units, becoming a business that is on purpose.

Key Takeaways:
  • Rugged solutions for in field deployment

  • Common platforms across all sites for predictability

  • Fanless solutions for underground deployment

  • Connecting all aspects from pit to port for higher production efficiency

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