New technologies are constantly emerging and change the way we structure IT infrastructures. Today, our infrastructures are much more complex than just racking and stacking our hardware. With trends such as hyper-converged infrastructures and IoT we open a whole new world of possibilities when it comes to shaping our IT infrastructure, optimizing our networks, and saving cost.

Traditional IT infrastructures can be costly. Scaling up and down is not only a big operation but is also expensive and time-consuming. For smaller organizations with limited IT staff, managament of traditional infrastructures can take up a lot of the time of your engineers.


Another trend in IT infrastructures is the shift of focus to edge computing. With IoT and other edge technologies emerging, our IT infrastructures can expect a reshape of what to deploy and manage. With edge computing, information processing is located close to the place where our information is produced and consumed.

Strada understands that not all organizations benefit from a traditional IT infrastructure. Some organizations can benefit from a hyper-converged infrastructure instead. A hyper-converged infrastructure makes scaling easier as it adds appliance modules. For smaller or growing companies this is a perfect solution when there is uncertainty about future needs in your infrastructure. 


At Strada, we can help you decide if your infrastructure should be more focused on edge computing to support business operations. In case your business operations benefit from this, we can optimize your infrastructure for these needs.