Your trusted technology advisor

With the current rate of innovation in technology, it is impossible to focus on your daily operations and stay up to date on tech developments at the same time. This makes it important to find a technology partner that knows which developments are relevant for your business. 


At Strada Networks we strive to be the partner that keeps you up to date on latest developments in the industry. You may have heard about certain innovations but are not clear if they would be a good fit for your network. We are here to consult you and provide you with honest opinions about the suitability for your infrastructure. 


But what if you currently don't have an IT infrastructure in place and are not sure where to start? Our experts are trained to make complex technologies digestible for everyone.     

We want to be a partner, not a vendor

At Strada Networks we don't believe in sales pitches but in relationship building. Through an initial consultation, we try to discover what infrastructure is best for you. If we feel that you don't need anything right away, but down the line instead we will let you know because to us that is what a partnership is about. 

We are also here to provide feedback on ideas you might have for your infrastructure. A second pair of eyes that verifies that you came up with the best solution to streamline your business processes.

Here to help you go from wondering to winning with IT

During a consultation, we discuss your current and future IT needs. We will take a look at your current IT infrastructure and assess what changes need to be made to set up an infrastructure that can support your entire organization. In consultation with you, we will use our expertise to select the best strategy and OEM for you.


Besides the more traditional consultations, we are also available to brainstorm with our clients or to bounce ideas off. As a strategic partner, we want to be available to our clients all along the way and help them transform their IT from a support role to a centralized role that drives growth within the organization.  

Contact us for a free consultation today!