There is not one type of infrastructure that fits all organizations.

Let us help you find the perfect infrastructure for you.

In a data-driven world Information Technology is increasingly more important to support the strategy of your organization. No matter the industry or size of the organization, powerful IT now supports virtually all business models. This means that there is no such thing as "the ideal IT environment", but instead we aim for the right IT environment that matches the business model. This often has to be achieved with limited resources.

Depending on the type of organization, there are a number of key metrics that are important for a future-proof IT infrastructure, regardless of whether it is an on-premises, cloud, or hybrid infrastructure. Important for a future-proof IT infrastructure are performance; availability and robustness; simplicity of management; and scalability.

Hardware remains the basis of a solid IT infrastructure. The choice of hardware depends on the applications. If you prefer to use Software As A Services (SaaS) applications, then a Cloud or Hybrid solution is more likely. If software is specifically written for the organization, choosing on-premises makes more sense. Another important aspect of a future-proof IT infrastructure is the connectivity between storage and servers and the connectivity of applications to the internet. In both cases, a variety of equipment is available with a significant difference in speed and quality. 


Strada Networks can help you find out which infrastructure works best for your organization.


On-premises should not be seen as an outdated solution. There is a reason some of the largest organizations stick to this solution. It offers by far the best data security and keeps you in control of your data. 


Why choose when you can have the best of both worlds? For some situations, it's important to have the security of on-premises and the scalability of the Cloud. HCI makes this possible. We help you design an optimal Hyper Converged infrastructure. 


The Cloud has been the talking point within IT over the last years, but what do you really know about the Cloud? Within this solution, there are many varieties and all suit different organizations. Let us help you pick the right one for you!  


A HyperConverged infrastructure (HCI) is a software defined infrastructure in which storage, computing, and networking are all packed into one single box. They are building blocks which are easy to deploy and give you great scalability options.