Implementation without the headaches


The implementation or refresh of your infrastructure is a complex and time-consuming process. We are here to alleviate you of the most complex tasks so you can focus on what is important for your direct business processes. 


Our staff has gone through extensive certification training to make sure implementation goes smoothly and your new equipment is running within your network as quickly as possible at the highest level of operations.

Simplify your projects, don't overcomplicate them!

How often does it happen that your IT partner promises you the world during a consultation, but when the implementation process starts it turns into a mess? Unfortunately, we hear this too often from new clients. 

At Strada Networks we want to set realistic expectations starting at the first conversation we have with you. If we believe that the solution you are exploring is not right for you we will let you know. Even if this means a smaller scope of work for us. 

Everyone on the same page through our Roadmap to Success

Planning the implementation of new hardware or software is usually a complex process. It needs to happen during downtime when your business operations notice the least hinder. With the help of our implementation process that is part of our Roadmap to Success, we analyze your infrastructure and site so that we can design an implementation plan that works best for your business.. You will only notice positive changes to your infrastructure!

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