A Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure uses both an on-premises and public cloud solution within one infrastructure. A Hybrid solution allows you to use both the advantages of public and private clouds while eliminating the disadvantages associated with each.

Balance your workloads

Running all workloads on your on-premises infrastructure will lower the performance of your network causing users to work slower and be less productive. By offloading non-critical workloads to the cloud your on-premises network will be able to run your mission-critical operations in a faster and more productive manner.


At the same time, your non-critical workloads will enjoy the high availability that the public cloud offers.

Protect the data that needs to be protected​

With a hybrid cloud solution, you can choose which data to store in the cloud and which data to keep in-house. We understand that your business may work with sensitive data and may be subjected to specific compliance regulations keeping you from storing certain data in the public cloud. In a hybrid cloud solution, you decide where data is stored.

Implement the 3-2-1 rule while saving money

The Implementation and maintenance of an offsite backup and disaster recovery site can be very costly and labour intensive. For organizations that are not able to run their own off-site data centre, a public cloud offers a great alternative solution. With the use of a public cloud for your backups you don't only free up space in your on-premises network, you also satisfy part of the 3-2-1 rule by having one backup of your data stored offsite.

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