Can you blindly trust your IT infrastructure

when there are lives on the line?

IT Challenges

Patient care is your number one priority in healthcare. Technology plays a big part in patient care and it is important to have a seamless and secure network and storage environment in place. This will enhance the care you offer to your patients. The digitization of patient records has created a potential danger for data breaches and makes it important that your network and storage infrastructure is not only seamless but also secure.


An increase in imaging systems and real-time communications within your healthcare organization has made it easier for doctors to make more accurate diagnoses but also requires high bandwidths for your current needs while being scalable for the future. Sharing information around various departments as well as to outside healthcare practitioners can create a more efficient process. To make this possible, links will have to be established between several systems simultaneously.

The Strada Networks Roadmap

At Strada we help healthcare organizations design a secure, high-performance network that is ready to scale with the growth of your organization. We understand that instant access to patient information can increase efficiency. Therefore, we make sure that the network has a high availability with low latency.


When we work together with you to make sure your network has high availability and eliminates unscheduled downtime, it gives your IT department time to focus on the support of medical and administrative staff, what ensures the best patient care 24/7.

Key Takeaways:
  • Secure networks to protect patient information and records

  • Scalable networks ready for future growth


  • Low latency for consistent application performance

We are here to streamline your IT infrastructure!