A HyperConverged infrastructure (HCI) is a software-defined infrastructure in which storage, computing, and networking are all packed into one single box. HyperConverged solutions are basically building blocks which are easy to deploy and give you great scalability options.

Fast and easy deployment

HCI exist of building blocks that contain a stack existing of server, network, and storage components. HCI solutions are fast, reliable, and dynamically scalable during deployment thanks to software-defined techniques. These solutions facilitate coordinated design and integrated software tools to manage and improve operational efficiency.

Easy of operations

Most manufacturers offer straight forward HCI solutions existing out of high quality but generic equipment. The solution can be customized by the deployment of industry-specific software that is pre-designed by the manufacturers. Since HCI comes in pre-defined packages, it is easy to scale out when your IT infrastructure needs to be expanded.

Cost-saving for smaller setups

The combination of networking and storage in one system reduces the footprint and initial TCO and is therefore ideal for smaller organizations. Since it is relatively easy to operate it also doesn't require an investment in human capital. The money saved by the deployment of an HCI infrastructure can be invested in the core business of the organization. SMB customers see an average decrease in TCO of between 15 and 30 percent.


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