Shrinking school budgets make the implementation of well designed IT

infrastructures crucial

IT Challenges

With 75% of teachers using technology with their students on a daily base, it has become more important than ever to have a well-developed infrastructure in place. Students across all levels of education make more use of tablets and laptops for instructional learning, and as a result, an outdated IT environment can cause major bottlenecks that make it hard to achieve your IT goals. In addition, instructional learning puts a higher demand on the data itself. Larger storage capacities are required to store all instructional videos and other related study materials. Among teacher 86% think it is necessary that students use EdTech, but the reality is that most infrastructures are not well equipped to make these applications run as smoothly as preferred.


Your responsibility to manage an entire infrastructure not only costs money, but it also costs time. When your network is setup inefficiently your IT staff has to spend more time on the maintenance of an outdated infrastructure in an economy with educational budgets that get smaller year over year. However, they would rather focus on the implementation of more forward-thinking educational technology solutions.

The Strada Networks Roadmap

At Strada Network we help you design an efficient and modern network that will not only support today’s technology-based learning but we will make sure you prepared for the future as well.


We prepare your network to support laptops, tablets, and other mobile devices used in today’s learning and design it so it is ready for the implementation of more advanced technologies such as AI and VR. Not only do we help you design an efficient network, but we also make sure that the network is easy to manage. This not just cuts operational expenses, it also allows your IT staff to focus more time on the implementation of forward-thinking educational technology solutions.

Key Takeaways:
  • Interconnected switches to behave as a single, logical device.


  • Scaled district-wide networks to support heavy use of mobile devices


  • Save money on equipment and overhead cost


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