Disaster Recovery

Data is essential for conducting your business processes. After an emergency, the work needs to be carried out in a normal manner as quickly as possible.

Sensitive data needs frequent backups

The frequency of backups is one of the goals set for the so-called Recovery Point Objective. The RPO indicates the point to which you can fall back in the event of an emergency. Depending on the sensibility of your data backups can be made through realtime synchronisation, once every 31 days, and everything in between. Automated backup software makes it easy to backup your data regularly without wasting time and resources that you rather use for other projects. 

Quick recovery of core data

In addition to the RPO, you need to decide on a time required to repair the damage after an emergency, the Recovery Time Objective (RTO). All organizations, no matter the size, want to have operations up and running again as quickly as possible. However, the complexity of this process depends on the size and industry of the organization. Our team at Strada Networks has worked in the most sensitive data environments and will help you build a disaster-proof recovery plan.

Bring stability to your data

A well thought out Disaster Recovery plan is essential to guarantee the stability of the IT environment and data within an organization. In the past, DR was seen as a one-sided investment for emergencies. Current software goes beyond the classic model and also makes copies of data available for other applications on a read-only basis. The specialists at Strada Networks provide extensive advice about the many aspects of Backup, Recovery, and Disaster Recovery. 

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