Next generation infrastructures designed

to save costs and energy

IT Challenges

No longer do datacenters only focus on racking, stacking, and cabling. Customers expect customization, fewer constraints, and the ability to store and access their data at any time, from anywhere as environmentally friendly as possible. To meet these customer expectations, it is key to have a next-generation storage and network infrastructure in place and make use of automation to provide a new level of services to customers.


With a rapid increase in demand for virtual machines and ways to manage them there is a strong need for any-to-any connectivity to ensure that everything, from VMs housed in different racks to branch offices, is effectively connected as if they were local.


An increase in the demand for datacenter/cloud services and automation of IT processes delivers a path to provide custom private clouds as efficiently as possible. With the customer need to have high-performance networks and low latency storage devices, the ability to deliver optimal services to your clients is an important requirement of your infrastructure.

The Strada Networks Roadmap

At Strada, we understand that your datacenter involves more operations than ever before. Through our close partnerships with industry leaders, we can design a network that runs on operating systems with the capabilities of usage of advanced network automation. This gives you the ability to deliver services faster and more efficiently. We can also help you build an intelligent interconnected network that is optimized for virtualization.


With customers demand for more complex and time sensitive services, we are here to make sure your network is on purpose!

Key Takeaways:
  • Networks designed on operating systems with advanced automation capabilities

  • Interconnected networks optimized for virtualization

  • High performance, global connectivity

  • Networks built to provide a higher level of control and capabilities for your customers

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