You protect your physical data against disaster,

so why not your digital data?  


Making backups should not be seen as wasted energy but as an insurance against unforeseen undesirable situations. Learn how we can make this as efficient as possible for you.


How do you keep your growing amount of data organized without having a mental breakdown? Orchastration software will help you not lose your mind.

Disaster Recovery

Is your data prepared against disaster? What do you do if someone deletes a mail folder by accident? We help you prepare against accidents that are waiting to happen.


Not all data is equally important. Analytics will help you save costs by determining which type of media to use for your different types of data.

In today's business environment, data is one of the most important pillars of an organization. This makes it essential that any organization, no matter its size, treats their data with maximum care.


In the event of an emergency, equipment is replaceable and people usually can resume activities quickly. However, without a good copy of the data, your organization has a major problem.


How lost are you if the disk of your computer stops working without a proper backup system in place? What if you accidentally delete a mail folder?  In the past several companies went out of business because all their business-critical data was lost during an emergency. To protect yourself from this scenario it is essential to make backups and to create a well documented tested Disaster Recovery Plan to ensure that your data can be recovered at any time.


Strada Networks has the expertise to help you design a Disaster Recovery Plan that keeps your data safely protected at all times.