What is the cloud? Where is the cloud? Do we already use the cloud? These are questions you have probably heard from people within your organization.


The cloud is a relatively new and attractive form of IT, but the impact on the existing organization and infrastructure is not to be underestimated. What is the reason for your organization to go to the cloud? Develop applications faster and reduce time-to-market? Do you want to add more (cost) efficiency to the infrastructure? Not being responsible anymore for managing your own on-premise infrastructure? All of these reasons require a different approach because they have a different impact on infrastructure and on-going business processes.

Many organizations switch to cloud services without a clearly defined strategy. Together with you, Strada Networks determines a clear strategy: we help you map out what needs to be done to fully leverage cloud solutions.

What type of Cloud to use

Cloud solutions can be designed in multiple ways. With a public cloud, the entire infrastructure is placed with an external party. A hybrid cloud solution is a combination of on-premises components and a number of services in the cloud with external suppliers.


A hybrid solution usually works best for organizations that want to go through the cloud transition. This method uses the flexibility of the cloud while you keep control over your data. A hybrid landscape is the most complex and extensive to realize though. Strada Networks helps you switch from your traditional data centre to a hybrid cloud solution.

Avoid Lock-in

Some organizations decide to structure their IT infrastructure via a public cloud, but it is not the best solution for all organizations. For most organizations it is recommended to opt for a hybrid cloud that still offers flexibility between "self-managed" applications and third-party apps. If a public cloud is chosen, make sure that there are possibilities for a transition back to either a hybrid cloud or an on-premises solution.


The way back often turns out to be more difficult than expected or even impossible without extremely high costs and efforts. Before switching to a cloud solution, use the expertise of Strada Networks to give you the advice that fits your organization's needs.


Software as a Service (SaaS) is widely used in cloud solutions. The internet enables SaaS applications in a fast and convenient way. Microsoft Office 365 suite is an example of this.

SaaS solutions offer software for a recurring fee. The service provider manages the hardware and software and ensures the availability and security of the application and your data with the correct service agreement.


Strada Networks delivers different SaaS products through partnerships with industry-leading providers. We offer a variety of subscription models (e.g. monthly or annual) for your convenience. We also manage the renewals of existing subscriptions for you so that you can focus on your core business.

Data Protection​

When you choose a cloud infrastructure your provider will usually take care of the security of your data. However, we still recommend that you carefully monitor this. Particularly when using general SaaS applications, data security can be different than you expect. The frequency with which a backup is made for security or the retention period of a backup may be different than desired. We advise to investigate this carefully and to use additional software that protects you against data loss in the event of an emergency.


Strada Networks, partnering with VeeAM (backup and recovery software), can provide you with the right advice. 

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