We value motivated people who approach situations with a fresh look and an open mind. People who enjoy taking on challenges and who are not afraid to step out of their comfort zone. Individuals who understand that we are better together. At Strada Networks we encourage people to acquire new knowledge and skills.



At Strada Network we recognize the importance of diversity. Different backgrounds lead to a diversity of thought within the organization which leads to unique and fresh approaches that will help grow our company. This results in the personal growth of the individuals within our companies and better solutions for our customers. 

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As a young and dynamic company, we are always looking to add talent to our team. Are you interested in a position at Strada Networks? Please send us an email to with an attached resume and a cover letter and we will try to contact you as soon as possible.


Current job openings

Sr. Account Executive (Sales)

Account Executive (Sales)

Sr. System/Network Engineer

Office Administrator