BI & Analytics

The access to the amounts of collected data we have today is a luxury that business owners in the past never had. Gone are the days where decisions were solely made on gut feeling. All organizations, from small businesses to companies with global operations, are expected to make calculated business decisions at least partially based on data to decrease the risk of wasting money.


It can be a daunting task to get all the data collected within your organization streamlined and organized to the point where it helps with decision-making. Your organization might not have a dedicated data analyst and without a background in data analytics, it can be overwhelming to categorize data in a way that it makes sense for you and your employees.

There are numerous consultancy firms out there that offer to integrate complex models that analyze your data and mainly try to look smart where instead they should focus on the user-friendliness for their clients. Luckily more and more either free or budget-friendly SaaS options have become available. However, it can still be overwhelming to set up templates that make it easy to digest the collected data.

As a VAR in the data networking industry, we feel a responsibility to make sure our clients get the most out of the data they collect through the use of the infrastructure we help them design and implement. Through experience in data analytics, our dedicated team members can help you streamline your collected data and help you set up templates with the analytical tools that fit your budget to make it easy to analyze the data you collect and help you track the progress on your business objectives.