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You want to know why you should make Strada Networks your one-stop IT hardware provider. Although relatively new, our founders have extensive industry experience working for OEMs, VARs, and end-users. This holistic understanding of the industry has made us a fast-growing provider of IT hardware with the ambition to improve our services on a daily basis so that our customers can get the purchase experience they deserve. 


Strada Networks was founded in 2017 by two brothers with the goal to be different from other IT hardware providers. This was done by providing solutions that focus on the interest of our customers first, to build sustainable relationships. 


Strada Networks grew rapidly in its second year of business. We welcomed our 500th unique customer and we added 3 more official partners to our existing partnership portfolio.



To help customers with more cost-efficient options, Strada Networks launched its own private label transceivers and data center equipment under the name Datanet Assets.  


Strada Networks will open its second office in 2021! We made the strategic decision to open our second office in Amsterdam, the Netherlands to better serve our growing customer base in Europe, Middle East, and Africa.


The focus of Strada Networks in 2019 was the addition of more storage focused hardware to better serve our customers. This also resulted in 4 more official partnerships that all have a focus on storage hardware.

Corporate Social Responsibility

CSR comes in many shapes and forms and at Strada Networks we don't want to commit to a single cause. We believe that the key to a sustainable business is to be involved in social causes in a variety of ways and that it is the responsibility of any modern business to work together with the local community. Below a few of our CSR initiatives.


Green Initiatives


The Data Networking industry is known for large amounts of energy consumption and as a VAR we believe we have a responsibility to contribute to environmentally friendly solutions. We have taken a few measures to contribute to a greener environment:


  • Our Green Disposal service helps you get rid of your end of life IT assets in an environmentally responsible way

  • Offer energy-efficient equipment from leading OEM's

  • Recycling and waste-cutting initiatives in our office


Youth in Tech

Another cause we feel strongly about is the involvement of youth in technology. Data networking has become a well-integrated part of society and will continue to grow in importance. We want to get the youth excited not only about the convenience our industry adds to daily life but also about all the good that can be done through innovation in our industry. We believe that every child should have a chance to get excited about our industry no matter their background of interests.


  • Work together with local universities to provide co-op positions to give students hands-on experience

  • Sponsor various events that benefit youth in tech 

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