Bring clarity and simplicity to a complex digital world

Strada Networks was founded in 2017 with the goal to make a real contribution to the business operations of organizations through IT infrastructures and not just look at our own profit. We don't believe that's the way to build sustainable partnerships. 


Our mission at Strada Networks is to"Help you reach your business objectives through advanced networking strategies and infrastructures as a strategic partner." Our balanced team has experience on the OEM as well as the client-side. This gives us a deep understanding of the struggles you face while you build a state of the art IT infrastructure and at the same time have to be cognizant of budgets and the overall company objectives.


Our approach puts us in the perfect position to help you with strategic solutions, instead of just sales of equipment. We serve a wide range of industries with customized solutions that optimize any type of business, from small businesses to large enterprises.

What makes Strada Networks different?


Strada Networks was founded with the intention to do things in a different way than other data networking providers. Below a few of our key differentiators. 

Strategy driven
Look at the bigger picture
Strada Road Map to Success

Initially, you might approach us to solve an IT problem, but we like to transform this into a strategy-driven approach. A solution-driven approach is reactive and often time/cost wasting for the client. The implementation of a strategically driven approach will prevent problems from happening, save time and money, and help your business become on purpose.

Our team is build of people with experience in different industry as well as experience on both IT and client-side. This helps us understand the complexity of building IT infrastructures but also the day to day importance of the functionality of the network. As a result, our strategies align with objectives and are usable  for everyone within your organization

To ensure that all our clients receive tailor-made advice and strategies that fit their unique company objectives and industry challenges we have carefully developed a system to build IT infrastructures. Our Road Map to Success takes our clients from the initial ask all the way to a well-integrated IT strategy while we are there to support along the way.


At Strada Networks our vision and company values shape our dynamic culture. We decided to share our company guidelines so that our clients know what to expect from us and can hold us accountable if they believe we don't live up to our high standards.


Bring clarity and simplicity to a complex digital world



Mission Statement

As a strategic partner, we help you reach your business objectives and streamline your processes through future-ready IT infrastructures.



Company Values

To make a real impact on your business we stand by the five following core values that affect everything we do at Strada Networks.


  • At Strada, we are used to dealing with new cultures, industries, and environments. This gives us an edge in the approaching every new situation with confidence and makes us highly Adaptable and will benefit your business.


  • In a time where data is more valuable than ever, we are a Dependable partner who takes your worries about networking infrastructures away, so you can focus on your business objectives.


  • Strada Dares to be Different in a sea of VAR sameness. We focus on building our teams with people from different cultural and industrial backgrounds to stimulate a different way of thinking and approach every business case in a unique way.


  • We don’t easily give up. We are driven by the opportunity to take on new challenges and are Determined to always find the most optimal networking strategies for you.


  • We are not here to offer short term solutions, but we build Innovative networking strategies that consider the rapidly changing digital environment.

Continuous Learning

Given our company values, it might not come as a surprise that we highly value personal development and continuous growth at Strada Networks. From the executive team to our interns, we encourage everyone within the organization to take courses related to data networking but also improve skills that are not directly related to our industry. We believe this gives our team members a well-rounded skill set in business and gives them the ability to look at challenges from new perspectives. Employees that are actively involved with continuous learning are rewarded for their efforts since we believe that this ultimately provides better services and strategies to our clients.   


Our employees are also actively involved in the creation of their development plans and work together with their manager to pick the annual goals that they will be evaluated on. We believe this makes our people more motivated as they have a say in what they will work on during the year. 

Corporate Social Responsibility

CSR comes in many shapes and forms and at Strada Networks we don't want to commit to a single cause. We believe that the key to a sustainable business is to be involved in social causes in a variety of ways and that it is the responsibility of any modern business to work together with the local community. Below a few of our CSR initiatives.


Green Initiatives


The Data Networking industry is known for large amounts of energy consumption and as a VAR we believe we have a responsibility to contribute to environmentally friendly solutions. We have taken a few measures to contribute to a greener environment:


  • Our Green Disposal service helps you get rid of your end of life IT assets in an environmentally responsible way

  • Offer energy-efficient equipment from leading OEM's

  • Recycling and waste-cutting initiatives in our office


Youth in Tech


Another cause we feel strongly about is the involvement of youth in technology. Data networking has become a well-integrated part of society and will continue to grow in importance. We want to get the youth excited not only about the convenience our industry adds to daily life but also about all the good that can be done through innovation in our industry. We believe that every child should have a chance to get excited about our industry no matter their background of interests.


  • Work together with local universities to provide co-op positions to give students hands-on experience

  • Sponsor various events that benefit youth in tech 

Association Memberships

We believe it is important to play an active role within tech associations in the regions we conduct business in. The exchange of thoughts on developments in the industry and the opportunity to build strong relationships with like-minded businesses improves the overall quality of the tech industry in the region and ultimately what we can offer our clients. Below associations, we are a proud member of.

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