Does your business need an adjusted IT infrastructure for employees working remotely?

We are open and operating while taking precautious measures to ensure the safety of our employees and customers.

Pick your preferred solution


On-premises solutions are known for higher upfront costs, but it offers many positives in return.


Your organization has full control over the infrastructure, it is fully customizable with the brands you prefer, and it offers the highest security.


There has been a large shift towards cloud storage. Lower up front costs, easy deployment, and the scale as you grow opportunity makes cloud attractive for growing organizations.

The downside of cloud is that it is harder to comply with regulations. This can be an issue for data sensitive industries.


A hybrid infrastructure offers you the best of both worlds. Critical data can be kept in-house and less sensitive data can be stored in the cloud. Workloads can be balanced to enhance speed and performance. 

This type of infrastructure tends to be the most complex to manage. We are here to help you with this.

Your IT strategy, our priority

In today's business environment your IT department is expected to be a fast, secure, and reliable productivity highway. But often, it's more like a jungle. 


Especially if your solutions provider tells you what you want to hear. Their priority is their own profit. Having a strong IT strategy in place to grow YOUR business is none of their business.


At Strada Networks we dare to be different. We are a VAR that actually adds value. To us, it is important that your IT strategy is aligned with your overall business objectives.


We'll take you from wondering to winning while we're by your side the entire way.  

Strada Roadmap to success

At Strada Networks we bring clarity and simplicity to a complex digital world. The first thing we ask our clients is "What do you want to achieve?" That begins the journey down the Strada Roadmap to Success!


We use our proven strategies to:

  • Prevent problems from happening

  • Save you time and money; and

  • Help you become a business that's on purpose! 



Do you want your IT jungle to turn into a streamlined productivity highway? Contact us today and we will help you plan your Roadmap to Succes together!

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